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It can be quite common for new mums to experience joint pains around their back, hips and pelvis following their delivery. This can be secondary to a combination of elements such as birthing positions, healing, hormones and lifting postures of your new baby. Sometimes women report that day-to-day they’re okay, however as the day progresses and they have done more activity; they feel exhausted / lower abdominal aching or pain.  In addition to this, pelvic floor muscles can start showing signs of weakness. So many women in clinic say ‘I thought this normal after having a baby!’ – I like to explain that it can be common after having a baby…. But should never be thought of as normal!


I can understand that a lot of new mums want to ‘bounce back.’ Often by doing this, we put the body under stress and start participating in sport and exercise that the post-natal body isn’t quite ready for! I like to remind new mums that it takes nine months to make a baby, do the right things for the following nine months recovery and you will return to your goal confident and ready to succeed. If you are after information and advice on what you can do or perhaps you want an ‘MOT’ assessment following your delivery, you’re in the right place.

Post-natal assessments cover the following:

  • MSK Back and Pelvis Assessment.

  • Diastasis Recti Assessment ( abdominal muscle stretching )

  • Pelvic floor muscle grading assessment ( if appropriate ) 

  • Optional scar assessment / palpation / management ( caesarean or perineal.)

  • Kineosio taping  ( if appropriate )

  • Personalised Pilates-based home exercise plan

  • Goal setting for exercise return.

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