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bump massage

I received my ‘Pregnancy Bump Diploma’ years ago and have enjoyed these massages privately. (As you can imagine, these would not be appropriate through my NHS clinic, if only!) Being pregnant and still doing all of our every day-to-day tasks can be exhausting - I think it is really important to take time out every now and again to prioritise you and your baby bump!


Our pregnancy bump massages are relaxing and pampering, treating all areas of stress including the lower back, bump, pelvis and legs. We use essential oils which enhance pregnancy-relaxation where you can simply lie down, relax and tune out of everyday life – bliss! Many patient of mine book into these as treats every now and again and I seem to see a few ladies around expected due dates to aid relaxation. When are relaxed, we will release oxytocin (rather than being stressed and releasing adrenalin), and evidence suggests that oxytocin release is good for our bodies, baby and labour!


Please note that as a Chartered Physiotherapist and holder of a Diploma in Pregnancy Bump Massage, I am fully accredited to perform pregnancy bump massage.

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