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pain syndrome

Bladder Pain Syndrome is a diagnosis that summarises a group of symptoms such as:

  • Bladder pain

  • Pain with urination

  • Pressure in the bladder area

  • Repeated urine infections

  • Feelings of constantly wanting to empty your bladder

  • ‘Triggers’ or worsening of symptoms after different activities, for example after intercourse, high impact exercise, rich foods etc...

  • Urinary urgency

  • Urinary frequency

  • With or without urinary incontinence 

Patients may report a few of these symptoms, or all of these symptoms. They can vary from being mild to severe and are often misdiagnosed as urine infections. The Royal College of Gynaecologists Green Top Guideline recommends Women’s Health Physiotherapy in the management of BPS (RCOG Guideline 2016.) There is also research evidencing that 78-87% of women with BPS have internal trigger points in the pelvic floor muscles. Treating these, amongst other treatments and gaining a thorough history of your symptoms is evidence-based to help your management / symptoms of bladder pain syndrome.

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