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PELVIC Floor 'mot' 

So many patients are unsure if their pelvic floor muscles are weak or showing signs of dysfunction and want an assessment, if anything - for symptom prevention or reassurance that they are doing the right exercises! Because we can't visibly see the pelvic floor muscles, it can be difficult to know how to strengthen them ( or if you are doing them right) ! Patients also frequently say how they ' wish they knew about pelvic floor physiotherapy sooner' so they could have prevented symptom onset in the first place.

A pelvic floor MOT covers the following: 

  • Consultation gathering your personal history 

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment (don't worry, we'll talk about this in more detail in clinic)

  • Evidence-based treatment, information, advice and exercises

  • Self-management tailored plan.

  • Approximately 75 minutes in duration

If you are worried about your pelvic floor or want to know what you can do to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction, book a pelvic floor MOT today! 

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