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fatigue syndrome

Fayaz et al (2017) have published a meta-analysis and systematic review into the Prevalence of Chronic Pain and have estimated a prevalence of 42% of people in the UK have symptoms of chronic pain (this equates to 28 million people, or, between one third and one half of the British population!) This figure will vary depending on what resources we are reading and on new published research. An increasingly diagnosed condition in the UK is Fibromyalgia ( a type of chronic pain), with or without symptoms of chronic fatigue.


Chronic pain is usually defined by persistent pain for a minimum duration of three months or longer. Fibromyalgia is a relatively new diagnosis and a diagnosis of exclusion. As it is relatively new, it is also under-researched. Research that has been published supports the importance of exercise and physical activity as long-term pain management. We are not aware of any cures of the condition - however this isn’t to say you can’t improve your pain levels and quality of life! It is so important to find what works for you to help with your management of this condition. I often find patients have been given this diagnosis and then feel lost in what to do next or how to go about self-help. If you are feeling at a cross roads and are unsure of what way to go, come and book a consultation and together we can find a solution and management plan.

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