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Intercourse should be pleasurable, enjoyable and pain-free! Many women don’t think that Women’s Health Physiotherapy can help with pain during intercourse, but we very much can! Part of my Post Graduate Masters study consisted of researching the literature around Dyspareunia (medical word for painful intercourse) and the effects Physiotherapy can have on its symptoms - this is a specialist interest area for me. You may have had a diagnosis of; vaginismus, vulvodynia, dyspareunia or vaginal atrophy, or you may have never seen anyone for any of the above to be diagnosed. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, Women’s Health Physiotherapy can help:

  • Painful intercourse

  • Pain on deep penetration

  • Pain after intercourse

  • Unable to have intercourse

  • Unable to insert tampons

  • Urinary incontinence on climax / pain on climax

Sometimes, intercourse has never been painful but you may have recently had a baby. Lots of women open up about their anxiety relating to resuming intercourse. I like to explain that it can be completely normal to not want to resume intercourse when you have a little baby to look after; you are sleep deprived, hungry, exhausted and the rest! However, if you have not tried intercourse since your delivery because you are anxious of pain or healing, then please do look into booking a consultation. Physiotherapy is effective, but the evidence-base for what we can help with is more effective the sooner we can see women post-partum, rather than the later.

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